Career Contentment Classroom

Science based resources to strengthen mental fitness for job search success and to improve employee productivity and retention regardless if they're made satisfied or not.


Career Contentment Training

Employers: Improve productivity, innovation, and retention by teaching employee how to create a contented inner work life and leverage the emotional resilience it provides them to stop complaining about the inevitable dissatisfactions.

4 x $62.50

Job Seeker Master Class

Long-Term Unemployed - find jobs faster by reinvigorating your mindset, motivation, and marketability with specialized mental fitness training and group coaching sessions led by a Fortune 50 staffing executive and bestselling career author.


Achieve Likeability for Employment Success

Job Seekers: Shave months off your job search by learning how to boost and maintain your motivation and marketability during each step of the staffing process despite challenges posed by delays, disappointments, and discourteous treatment.

Gimmee The Bundle

Bold Bundle of Savings

Buy our two premium courses for $340 and receive 3 weeks of free coaching.


Mindfulness on Steroids

Reinvigorate your spirit to halt unhelpful thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors. Put aside those unbearable 1 minute meditations and learn to apply our integrative (mind & body) method for achieving mindfulness FLOW and mental fitness.


Staffing Etiquette

Boost your confidence and get the job without anxiety by planning your approach using the employer's private scorecard that reveals 12 expectations, how to fulfill them, and when during 4 crucial points of the staffing process. This is so cool.